• What kind of events can the banquet hall be rented for?
      The OLV Banquet Hall is ideal (and affordable) for a variety of events, including Anniversary Celebrations, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Meeting Rentals, Elections, Christening Celebrations, Reunions, New Year’s Eve Parties, Staff Christmas Parties, Art Exhibitions, Birthday Parties, Seminars, Auctions, Funeral Receptions, Trade shows, and more. 
      The Banquet Hall cannot be used for any event or activity that is contrary to the practices or teachings on matters of faith and morals, of the Roman Catholic Church as interpreted by the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Ottawa.Click here for General Hall Rental Information - details.


    • What is the capacity?
      The hall is approximately 2,200 square feet and can accommodate up to 200 guests in theatre or "conversation/mingle" style. For wedding venues, 150 guests are recommended which includes a head table, band or DJ, and dance floor. Click here for General Hall Rental Information - details.


    • What is the rental fee and what does it include?
      The basic rental fee is $1400 (includes HST) per event from 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. An additional two hours to decorate the OLV Banquet Hall, usually the day before the wedding reception, is allowed. The client must have $2 million liability event insurance coverage. (Click here for Insurance Rates Information).  This insurance can be purchased directly  (Click here for Online Insurance Application Form). **Please note that paper applications by mail or payment by cheque or outside of the online application will not be accepted. Applications, which include payment, must be submitted on our online form. Renters must receive a certificate of insurance through the online system for insurance coverage to be active. There are some additional fees depending on the nature of the event. Click here for rental ratesClick here for General Hall Rental Information - details.

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  • Is the OLV Banquet Hall barrier free?
    Yes, the building is one level with handicap accessible doors and washrooms.


  • Is the parking free?
    Yes, there is plenty of free parking available. The parking lot in front of the OLV Banquet Hall can hold 30 to 40 vehicles (including handicap). There is also a north side parking lot that will accommodate 50 to 60 vehicles. Vehicles may be left overnight as well.


  • Do you provide catering services?
    The OLV Banquet Hall does not provide catering; however our wedding services include recommending an external licensed caterer to host your special event.  Click here for General Hall Rental Information - details.

  • Can we bring our own food?
    Food prepared at home cannot be consumed at the OLV Banquet Hall due to food safety and liability issues. The use of outside caterers is welcomed; however, we must meet with/approve your caterer prior to the event.  Click here for General Hall Rental Information - details.


  • Is the kitchen available?
    The kitchen is available for food preparation, storage and limited use of the cooking facilities (e.g. heating foods etc) prior to the event. There is a small fee for the use of the cooking appliances. Click here rental rates.  Click here for General Hall Rental Information - details.


  • Do you provide bar services?
    The bar must be professionally staffed with Smart Servers provided at reasonable rates. Client is required to obtain Special Occasion Permit (SOP) from LCBO. (Normally takes 10 business days to obtain.) To obtain a Special Occasion Permit online: www.agco.cawww.agco.ca. Special Occasion Permits are obtained online and paid by credit card. Once application is made and fee is paid on line an SOP is immediately emailed to the requestor. When printed, it is required to purchase alcohol at the LCBO and Beer Stores. No out of province alcohol purchases are allowed. The SOP must be displayed in the bar at the time of alcohol service.
    A small fee for bar usage will apply. Any drink proceeds collected during the event are kept by the client. Click here for rental rates.  Click here for General Hall Rental Information - details.  Click here to see where alcohol is permitted on the property

  • Can we bring in our own wine?
    Yes, however a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) is required and should be visible during the function. Any leftover wine can be served at the bar.  Click here to see where alcohol is permitted on the property

  • How is the seating arranged?
    The banquet hall manager can suggest an appropriate seating configuration based on the number of guests. A floor plan is provided and the client decides on the location of the head table and guest tables. The OLV staff will set up the tables and chairs accordingly, which can also include small tables for a guest book, cake, and presents.  Click here for General Hall Rental Information - details.


  • Are table linens and chair covers included as part of the wedding hall rental?
    The wedding hall rental does not include table linens and chair covers, however we can recommend sources as part of our wedding services.

  • Do you have a stage?
    The wedding hall booking does not include stages or platforms. They are not allowed since they have damaged the floor in the past.

  • What kind of decorations do you provide?
    The OLV Banquet Hall has been tastefully designed with neutral earth tones and medium oak trim, and is ideal to host elegant wedding receptions. The lighting has individual controls, and there are floor to ceiling windows which allow plenty of natural lighting. Very little décor is required. You are welcome to decorate as you wish provided that there is no damage to the property. The use of confetti, confetti-like objects, thumb tacks, staples, or any type of wall/ceiling puncture is not permitted. Should any of these items be used, the damage deposit will not be returned to you.

  • May I bring in my own Decorator?
    Yes, you can personalize your décor for the wedding venue by hiring someone or decorating yourself. The OLV Banquet Hall is available for two hours to decorate, usually the day before the wedding reception.  Click here for General Hall Rental Information - details.

  • Can the hall be rented for civil wedding services or other kinds of religious services?
    All weddings and other religious services must take place in the church adjacent to the hall. You do not have to be married in the church to rent the OLV Banquet Hall. However, if you want to be married in the church, contact the Parish Priest at 613-822-2197 to make an appointment.

  • How do I go about proceeding with a wedding hall booking?
    Refer to the calendar to determine the banquet hall availability for your wedding reception. When the date and other arrangements are finalized, we require a signed contract and 50% of the rental fee to reserve. The balance including the security deposit is payable 14 days prior to the event.

  • Do charities and other non-profit groups qualify for special rates?
    Yes, please call 613-822-1777 for more information.

Revised July 5, 2019